Buying your freehold – collective enfranchisement


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    You have a right as an owner of a flat, subject to qualifying in law, to join together with other flat owners to purchase the freehold of your building. You do so under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993. To qualify you need at least half the number of flats in the building; a lease longer than 21 years; and at least 50% of the leaseholders to take part. There are other legal requirements as well.

    Our skilled team will help you and the other flat owners to achieve the purchase by completing an agreed purchase or negotiating with the freeholder and following the necessary statutory procedures in order to achieve completion. You will deal with a senior solicitor who provides personal service with skilled knowledge of the process.

    Please see our flowchart as to the process and our top tips for flat owners buying their freehold.

    In terms of buying the freehold of your house, there are complex and detailed provisions relating to entitlement, evaluation and procedure. These are different from buying the freehold as flat owner. Again, we can help you to achieve the purchase of your freehold if it is financially viable.

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