Wills are essential in guaranteeing your house and other property go to your surviving spouse or partner, as well as ensuring your family don’t end up paying substantial amounts of Inheritance Tax.


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    will-testimentDo you want to decide who inherits your assets when you die? If you don’t have a Will, the decision is out of your hands.

    Making a Will is essential if you want to make sure your estate goes to your loved ones.

    If you don’t have a will, your house and other property may not all go to your surviving spouse or partner and your family could end up paying substantial amounts of Inheritance Tax.

    Making a will need not be difficult and we can advise on the best way to ensure that your assets go to the right people and in the most tax efficient way.

    If you have already made a will, you should review it regularly to make sure it still reflects your current circumstances. For example, if you have got married or entered into a civil partnership, an earlier will won’t be valid.

    There are lots of “will writers” who offer wills at very low prices but how can you be sure they are getting the Law right? We store wills in our safe for our clients free of charge. Why trust your family’s inheritance to someone who isn’t legally qualified and isn’t insured if something goes wrong?

    Please see our article on Why you need to make a will now.

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